Welcome to On Track Learning

When we enrol our children at school - aged 5, each of us has that expectation and hope that at Y11 our children will pass their first major exam. Sadly many students underachieve for a variety of reasons.

At On Track Learning, our goal is to help our students achieve that potential by checking at strategic times that a student is on track. In shaping your child's academic career we then set about to provide the necessary work for extension or catch up.

It is because we are serious about coaching and planning for success that we invite you as parents to be the team manager, to stay in touch with us as your child's coach in the tutoring role.

We understand that learning can be a painful experience, but we believe that successful people are people who have failed to the point where they start succeeding!

We believe that perseverance is a key and that successful people are people who develop successful habits!

We believe that success has an addictive quality where students discover that sense of satisfaction in overcoming their difficulties.

Join us in planning for your child's success. Call Patria on 03 214 4181.