About us

A History of Success!

You may recall times in your life when you attained the next level of success ...maybe you'd just learnt your 4X tables!

Successful learners develop a history of success where they look back on past successes and build on the momentum; they feel promoted to the next level, so they look to the future with a sense of optimism believing that they can achieve even more. Success therefore becomes addictive.

Sadly where students repeatedly fail they look back on a history of failure, thereby looking to the future pessimistically. This creates a sense of low self esteem, lack of confidence and often creates an addictive cycle of failure.

Education not Entertainment

Learning becomes fun when you know the fundamentals... but it still infers there has to be some mental activity. Many students are taught that learning should be fun...they confuse education and entertainment. Obviously we want our students to enjoy their learning, but if we water it down to entertainment we create a work ethic based on fun, which is shallow and doesn't last.

The trouble is, NCEA is not fun and if a child simply develops a work ethic based on fun then exams become a nightmare at high school. We need a work ethic based on perseverance and determination, which are emotional anchors that hold the student through the challenges of learning.

Who comes to us?

We help students from preschool to Y13 NCEA and adult students. We provide catch up, consolidation and extension work. We have been tutoring since 1993, and have help several thousand students over that time. We have had the privilege of tutoring head boys and girls, duxes and top students from all schools in Invercargill. Our Exam Plus classes cater for individual needs where students bring their NCEA requirements to us for additional coaching.

What do we provide?
• English
• Spelling
• Writing
• Mathematics
• Essay writing
• Speed reading
• Reading, including preparation for school
• Some Science subjects
• Testing and treatment for learning disabilities including Irlen Syndrome and Dyslexia
• Learning to learn and Motivation classes
• Parental support

It is because we are serious about what we do that we use trained teachers to teach, not just high school students to tutor.

Learning Disabilities

Pieces of the puzzle...

We look at breaking the cycle of failure using the following tools:

The first step is a free assessment. Identifying the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle is important. An accurate assessment of any learning difficulties and/or disabilities is crucial. We screen for  Irlen Syndrome for reading and perceptual problems, and we are a Cellfield Centre for reading disabilities including dyslexia. Additionally some students may have some biochemical concerns and we refer on to other health professionals for nutritional support. We also work closely with optometrists. Additionally, some children may have speech and auditory processing difficulties. Layers of problems may require layers of solutions...