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Speed Read Your Way Through Essays

30 Nov, 2018

Processing information accurately and efficiently is hugely important in an information saturated world and speed reading is the way to go. Speed reading means to quickly read by looking over several phrases or sentences at once rather than reading one word at a time. It’s a process of skimming over information, picking out what is useful and ignoring the rest. 

As you can imagine, this is extremely useful when studying as success at high school is often about essay writing. Improved comprehension and speed in reading assists with essay writing, and speed reading allows you to quickly sift through information during the research process so you can really focus on the content that matters.

Speed reading doesn’t just keep you focused, it also gives you the opportunity to read and learn more about your topic for a better informed essay. Some studies show that the standard speed of reading is around 300 words per minute while a speed reader can get in as many as 1,700 words per minute (if not more!). That’s over 5 times the information processed in the same amount of time!

It should be noted that the faster you read, the harder it is to comprehend the information you are reading and in some cases, speed reading may not be the best option. For example, when writing an essay on a particular book, you will need to know everything about that book, taking the time to read through it properly. However, knowing how to effectively skim over words and sentences so that you can focus on only the important information is generally a big advantage in essay writing.

There’s an article by Iris Reading that discusses how speed reading is good for your brain and how, by developing this skill, you will also notice the following improvements:

1. Improved memory
Speed reading develops one of the most important muscles, the brain. It trains the brain to work at a higher level, forcing your memory to act like a stabiliser so you can take in information and store it.

2. Improved logic
Your brain becomes more efficient at sorting information and making connections with other details you previously stored away in your memory.

3. Better focus
Speed reading keeps your brain on track, focusing on the important information while discarding anything that isn’t useful.

Speed reading allows you to better focus on your essay topic, assimilate information, comprehend and retain it. Like all aspects of learning, it can be practiced and improved, and we highly recommend it! Our courses are designed with this in mind and we aim to give you the skills you need to assist you in your studies so that you can confidently research and understand your topic for well-informed essay writing.


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