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Back to School: 3 Steps to Build Success

18 Feb, 2019

It’s February 2019, school has just started and your homework already seems over the top… 

Keep Calm

Prepare to get ahead
with your learning!

We all know how it feels to successfully learn something new. That warm, fuzzy, on top of the world feeling that motivates you to attempt the next challenge. It’s addictive, right? To reach success, you’ll need to overcome the challenges of learning, but each time you do, you’ll add to a history of success, creating momentum and a positive attitude toward future learning.

To help you on your journey to success, we’ve put together these 3 simple steps:

1. Plan for Success
Know what you want to achieve for the year and plan Smart Goals (check out our last blog for more information). Taking this step will break your big goals into achievable milestones making the workload seem easier and less stressful. Remember to also plan for your strengths and weaknesses and decide in advance how you are going to manage these i.e. extra learning.

2. Get On Track with Extra Learning
Work hard on your study goals and don’t be afraid to get extra learning to help you reach success. Signing up for extra learning on the subjects you struggle with - or even to get ahead on the subjects you are good at - will maximise your chances of success and keep you on track with your goals.

3. Keep Track of Your Accomplishments
Success builds on success, and having a history of success creates momentum and a positive attitude towards future learning challenges. In one of our earlier blogs, Building Perseverance Through Extended Learning, we discussed how competency awareness through problem solving can make you mentally resilient. Well, similarly, working towards and reaching success will build self-confidence in your learning abilities pushing on you through tough times.

It’s never too early (or too late) to get ahead and now is the perfect time to take action. Whether that means catch up, consolidation or extension work, these steps will sky rocket your chances of success with a solid foundation of achievement - your personal history of success. 

We aim to assist where we can by giving you the tools you need for successful learning. Check out the courses we have on offer or fill out the form on the right sidebar of this page for a free assessment.


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