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Is reading confusing for you or someone you know?

12 May, 2015

Is reading confusing for you or someone you know?

The term ‘Dyslexia’ might well describe a person’s reading difficulties but it doesn’t actually tell us what’s wrong.

In simple terms, think of your eyes as cameras and the brain as the computer. Now think of the cables that connect the eyes to the cameras…the same sort of thing is happening in our brains.

A problem with the cameras/eyes is optometric- this could be the most obvious problem!

A problem with the brain/computer is the generally that deeper phonological/dyslexic profile, involving processing/wiring problems on the left language side of the brain. Google brain scans/ Dr Sally Shaywitz.

A problem with the cables is Irlen Syndrome…a perceptual problem, where information gets out of synch, step or phase and creates inefficient and uncomfortable reading e.g. skipping lines or sentences, losing your place, squinting, blinking, frowning, sore or tired eyes etc. In other words reading is inefficient and often uncomfortable.

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Welcome to our brand new website!

24 Jul, 2014

Welcome to our new site, it's still under construction but will be fully functional really soon! So make sure you check back for updates. We have also started a facebook page - click here to visit it and a like would be appreciated to get us started off on track!

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