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Irlen Syndrome—The Oft-Missed Cause of Reading Challenges

12 May, 2019

Child with Irlen Syndrome Reading

Many people have trouble with reading. For some, this is due to a learning disorder such as ADHD or Dyslexia. For others, it may be an issue with slow processing speed that causes them to take more time to comprehend written words and directions. And some never find out what the cause is at all. One of these less-diagnosed causes is Irlen SyndromeRead More →

​Cellfield and Its Advantages for Children with Reading Difficulties

10 Apr, 2019

When a student has a neurological disadvantage that causes him or her to have difficulties processing written information, the student has an increased chance of lagging behind classmates. Reading is essential in nearly every class and subject in school to comprehend instructions and course material, with most people agreeing that reading is the most important life skill.

This means that conditions such as Dyslexia create a significant barrier and a strenuous challenge; a challenge that must be overcome to bolster learning. But when teachers have to focus on the needs of over a dozen students at a time, how can someone with reading hardships get the help and attention he or she needs?

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Slow Processing Speed and Its Effect on Learning

22 Mar, 2019

Student with Slow Processing Speed

Slow processing speed affects many students around the world

There are many different learning styles that people exhibit based on how their individual minds work. Some are visual, preferring to read passages, while some others are auditory and better ascertain new information through sounds. Some students complete homework and tests quickly, while others take much longer than the expected time and use the full duration for tests—and then some. Often, the latter group deals with slow processing speed, something that can influence nearly every aspect of their lives.

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Back to School: 3 Steps to Build Success

18 Feb, 2019

It’s February 2019, school has just started and your homework already seems over the top… 

Keep Calm

Prepare to get ahead
with your learning!

We all know how it feels to successfully learn something new. That warm, fuzzy, on top of the world feeling that motivates you to attempt the next challenge. It’s addictive, right? To reach success, you’ll need to overcome the challenges of learning, but each time you do, you’ll add to a history of success, creating momentum and a positive attitude toward future learning.

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5 Ways to Stay On Track with Learning in 2019

21 Jan, 2019

Whether your child(ren) have their future careers all planned out or are in the process of figuring out what they want to do, education is key in helping them reach their goals. As the new year gets underway and the school school term approaches, we thought we would share some tips to help them get ahead. 

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