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Back to School: 3 Steps to Build Success

18 Feb, 2019

It’s February 2019, school has just started and your homework already seems over the top… 

Keep Calm

Prepare to get ahead
with your learning!

We all know how it feels to successfully learn something new. That warm, fuzzy, on top of the world feeling that motivates you to attempt the next challenge. It’s addictive, right? To reach success, you’ll need to overcome the challenges of learning, but each time you do, you’ll add to a history of success, creating momentum and a positive attitude toward future learning.

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5 Ways to Stay On Track with Learning in 2019

21 Jan, 2019

Whether your child(ren) have their future careers all planned out or are in the process of figuring out what they want to do, education is key in helping them reach their goals. As the new year gets underway and the school school term approaches, we thought we would share some tips to help them get ahead. 

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Be Smart: Improve Your Vocabulary

17 Dec, 2018




  1. the body of words used in a particular language.

Did you know the more words that you know, the smarter you will be? Studies recognise the links between vocabulary and intelligence. Deep thoughts are limited by the words that you know so the greater your vocabulary, the more you’ll be able to understand what you are thinking and feeling. This means the more extensive your vocabulary is, the better you’ll be able to understand your thoughts and communicate your ideas to others.

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Speed Read Your Way Through Essays

30 Nov, 2018

Processing information accurately and efficiently is hugely important in an information saturated world and speed reading is the way to go. Speed reading means to quickly read by looking over several phrases or sentences at once rather than reading one word at a time. It’s a process of skimming over information, picking out what is useful and ignoring the rest. Read More →

Building Perseverance through Extended Learning

31 Oct, 2018

Learning becomes fun when you know the fundamentals... but it still infers there has to be some mental activity which, let’s be honest, is hard! True learning requires perseverance and extended learning is the perfect environment for students to develop this life skill, setting themselves up for the future.

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