Fun factor Learning

We have a number of software applications that fit under this description. Some students, for motivational reasons, require more ‘fun-factor’ learning, whereas other students are happy to engage in the learning process because they are already experiencing the intrinsic satisfaction that learning brings. Please speak with our teachers if your child needs more ‘fun’... you know your child better than we do!

Of course some students don’t find learning fun until they know the fundamentals...and that implies there has to be some mental activity to start with!

For some students we almost have to trick the brain into engagement before they begin to create effective neural pathways. However, for students who continue to struggle they may well have a hidden learning disability: optometric, Irlen, dyslexia or other. Layers of problems often require layers of solutions!

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Additionally, please click here to learn about Cellfield - for reading difficulties including dyslexia.