For learning disabilities including dyslexia

Reading disabilities need intervention

Some children are born with small flaws in the brain that interfere with the ability to read.

Parents often suspect something is not quite right. School reports show the child is lagging behind the rest of the class. Tuition may help but the plateau reappears and nothing seems to work. Intervention is needed to make tuition effective.

The causes of reading disabilities involve auditory, visual and motor functions. Traditional methods of tuition treat each of these causes seperately. Programs that target each cause separately offer limited benefits. Recent brain scan research shows auditory, visual and motor functions must be activated and coordinated at the same time. This allows the neural bonds between letters and sound combinations to develop. This is vital to the reading process.

Cellfield is the first intervention to target the auditory, visual and motor pathways simultaneously. Clever software design expands working memory, strengthens attention and improves reading related motor functions.

Cellfield’s unique approach simultaneously targets the primary casual areas with proven, powerful results. Average comprehension gains of a year and decoding gains of almost two years have been established in less than a month with Cellfield intervention*.

*Peer-reviewed and published study of 262 subjects who completed Cellfield Intervention, Australian Journal of Learning Disabilities Volume 10 - Number 2, 2005.

Cellfield Intervention can help children and adults with problems that include:
• Poor reading, spelling and writing skills
• Low phonological awareness and decoding skills
• Poor comprehension
• Difficulties with grammar and syntax
• Concentration and attention problems
• Letter, words or number sequence difficulties
• Difficulties in verbal expression
• Suspected eye tracking problems
• Poor retention of reading matter
• Discomfort when reading
• Tiredness induced by reading
• Frequent place loss when reading
• Poor fluency and comprehension

The Cellfield concept of simultaneous targeting is proving effective in areas other than reading. Some parents report improvements in spoken language, handwriting, maths, balance and coordination.

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