Writing Workshops

For students who require, or would like a more in-depth approach to writing, then the writing workshop is a good place to explore text and its intricacies. Success at secondary school often comes down to your ability to communicate effectively on paper- from short answers through to essay work.

These classes are designed for students in that Y7 to 10 range, prior to moving into an Exam Plus Class for NCEA.

Students are tutored individually but some group teaching may also take place. This emphasis on written work often highlights the need for skills development in other areas of English, sometimes involving: vocab development, grammar, spelling, comprehension or speed-reading skills.

Call us if you would like to discuss your child’s options as we prepare them for the challenges of high school and exams.

Essay Writing

Essay writing is key to success at secondary school.

The basics are important - grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Vocab development is also very important. Intelligent thought is always limited by the words that you have. You can't think without words; words give voice to feelings, so the greater your vocab the more you can understand your own thoughts and feelings, thus making it easier to communicate those thoughts and feelings with others around you.

The structure of your essay is important. Information that is 'packaged' in a well structured approach is crucial. Often we are 'selling' an idea or a concept to an audience or expressing a point of view, so to do this in an effective manner is an art that takes time to learn and practise. There are a variety of essay templates that students will find beneficial, later good writers begin to grasp it in a more intuitive manner.

Content is next. You have to have something worthwhile to communicate. For some students they may not actually understand the text so a surface understanding is required as is a deeper perception of hidden meanings within a text. Discussion with the teacher is vital and helps build that emotional intelligence where students begin to understand literature. Literature is often a reflection of life, why people think, feel and act in the way that they do.

Review and discussion is on-going. Whilst we can't actually write the essay for our students, often it's helpful to have someone review the work...and we all need help with those clumsy comments or sentences! Remember, there are good ways of communicating and better ways...essay writing is the art of discovering those better ways.

The biggest mistake parents make is leaving it too long before they start. For many boys a good story is about action...but actually it's the reaction, the thoughts and feelings that creates depth in the story and this needs to reflect itself in the essay. An early start to essay writing is highly recommended - Y7 and above.

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