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Call Patria for a free assessment, let's check that you're on track to success. We'll identify the missing pieces of the jig-saw puzzle or identify areas for extension.

Students that get ahead at primary school often maintain this lead at secondary school. Success therefore becomes addictive; students like to be successful, so good coaching means we will put them in a situation where they are winning most of the time.

Remember that your child will have up to 8 teachers at primary school and then another 25 at secondary school, yet you as the parent are the only one constant factor in your child's academic career.

Most parents have a plan to pay off their mortgage in X number of years, yet when it comes to their child's success at school, they aren't always sure of what the expectations are, because they don't understand the system. We have a team of 14 trained teachers and we know where we want our students to be a strategic times to keep building success. Join us!

Being on track means having a plan for your child's future success, rather than just crossing your fingers!

Being on track means that as a parent you see yourself as the team manager, where we work with you, in that coaching capacity.

Being on track means that we work backwards from the goal of NCEA to make sure that we reach our goals on time.

It's just a case of planning for success so we don't get any unexpected surprises!

When you have a plan it reduces stress and worry!

Allow up to 90 mins for the assessment.

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