Head start thinking gets you ahead in life!

Some children at the age 4 are already keen and ready to learn to read. If you have a child like this, then waiting another 6 months until s/he is ready to start school can seems like a long time!

Preparing for School

As parents, we know that few things are as important as being successful at school.

Our pre-school classes are designed to do just that; help your child gain a head start at school!

Our programmes cover the following areas:

• Hearing and identifying sounds in words (Phonemic Awareness)
• Alphabet knowledge
• Left to right patterning
• Visual matching
• Handwriting skills
• Word building
• Sentence construction
• Comprehension

We offer:

• Individualised programmes
• A mix of computer and traditional bookwork
• Fully Trained NZ teachers
• Proven success

We know that some children are simply ready to begin reading well before they start school. If your child is one of them, give us a ring on 03 214 4181!