Irlen Awareness week, October 19-23rd 2015

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Presentation for Adults and Educators
Presentation for Kids and Classrooms

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The Educational Challenge of Irlen Syndrome
by Siegfried Othmer, PhD

Is it not remarkable that the entire field of education regards the challenges faced in education entirely without reference to the brain? This holds true from Arne Duncan at the Department of Education down to the local school board and even to the teacher in the classroom. It is almost as if the brain were not involved in the process. It is as if the neurosciences do not exist.

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Ever wondered why people wear coloured glasses for reading?

These are most likely Irlen Spectral Filters that improve clarity and comfort in much the same way that 3D glasses improve clarity and comfort when watching a 3D movie. People with Irlen Syndrome have a sensitivity to certain light frequencies which results in pattern glare and pattern confusion. Irlen Filters, filter the frequencies that are causing the problems. Irlen symptoms may for some appear to be similar to dyslexia but there is a different causal nature, so an accurate diagnosis is essential.

Call me if you suffer from some or any of the following:

Do you...
• struggle to read for a length of time?
• lose your place-skip words or lines?
• have concentration problems?
• have sore or tired eyes or headaches?
• have light sensitivity/migraines/problems with fluorescent lights?
• have depth perception problems?
• have difficulty with 3D movies?

10% of the general population suffer from Irlen and it is usually undiagnosed. Up to 40% of people with reading difficulties will benefit from Irlen Intervention. Peer reviewed in over 60 scientific journals.

Brain Scans

The images below are three-dimensional scans using SPECT technology show the portions of the brain that are in heavy use, or ‘hot’.

Both scans are of the same brain without, and then with, Irlen Filters.

The scans show that the brain is ‘normalised’ once the Irlen Filters are used. In other words some people are working significantly harder with reading than they need to!

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