Learning to Learn Classes

We know that success involves a number of factors, sadly many students fail through lack of organization, motivation and the belief in themselves that they can achieve. Rather than just presenting knowledge to our students, we want to try and shape good work habits, a positive self-image and their plans for the future. Students who are on track are students who can motivate themselves!

These classes are designed for secondary students - Y9 and above. We ask parents to attend so you are part of the coach/team manager approach. It also gives you the opportunity to reinforce the same concepts at home.

These classes run after 7 pm. It is simply a one-off class, but it provides a good opportunity to check study skills and work habits. Successful people are people who have successful habits!

Call Clayton on 03 214 4181 for details - Successful students are often happy students...this all helps make family life happier for parents as well.