Using trained teachers we focus on the NZ curriculum for NCEA, Plus any catch up or extension work required to achieve better results at school.

We encourage our students to bring in their HW so we can assist. Additionally, some aspects of NCEA provide a practice opportunity for students prior to sitting the assessment in class. We can’t help with the actual assessment, but we can pre-empt some situations. Often our teachers will reinforce what has been taught in the classroom, but if method ‘A’ doesn’t work we will use method ‘B’.

Having a real teacher sit down with you makes a big difference in understanding complex work; good teaching comes down to good relationships! Software is used in a number of situations as is book work - appropriate to the student’s needs. NCEA is still a hand written exam!

We take students through to Y13 NCEA, for English, Maths and some Science areas. Additionally we provide support for students sitting Cambridge Exams.

Call Clayton on 03 214 4181 for further information.